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How ESA Cats can help you remove your mental stress? - 2022 Guide

If you are suffering from mental and emotional problems, you might have prior knowledge about the beneficial effects of emotional support animals. The modern advances in the clinical and psychological health areas have caused improvement for patients suffering from a variety of mental health issues. However, there is a wide range of emotional factors that are responsible for the optimal functioning of your mental health. You must have strong social support for stable improvements in your symptoms. However, not many people are lucky enough to have the necessary support from the family to accelerate the therapy process. As the emotional support animal provides psychological support and results in the reduction of the anxiety-related symptoms, you must have an ESA letter for the continuous support of your pet at your disposal.

In such a scenario, after the session with your therapist, you are alone in your house and no one is there to accompany you in times of increased stress. However, you must not be discouraged as there is considerable evidence that mental health patients who own emotional support animals show a significant improvement in their mental health symptoms. An emotional support animal is not different from a normal pet except in terms of the rights it enjoys. The special status of the emotional support animals depends on the fact that it serves a specific purpose, i.e., to provide you therapeutic support.

However, it should be clear that an emotional support animal is different from a service animal. A service animal is a specially trained animal that provides support when the owner is unable to carry out daily life activities. On the other hand, an emotional support animal is not a specially trained animal. The different status is given because of the emotional support that the pet provides when you are in an extremely distressing state.

Some mental disorders are unpredictable, and they can present the symptoms in the most unexpected scenarios, such disorders include panic attacks and post-traumatic stress disorder. If you also suffer from a mental disorder that can manifest abruptly, you should consider getting the services of an ESA. The patients feel considerable relief from the symptoms in the presence of emotional support animals.

Although different animals can be used as emotional support animals, there is a wide preference and liking for an emotional support animal letter because dogs have been proven to be human beings’ best buddies since ancient times. Human beings have been able to form a very strong bond with dogs of different breeds. Dogs have been servicing humankind in a variety of ways since ancient times. If you need the services of a dog to improve your mental health status, then you should have basic information about different dogs’ breeds. As our main purpose is to get emotional support from the dog, we should understand that not all dog breeds are suitable for a specific purpose.

It is true that with enough practice, love, and affection, you can tame any dog breed, develop a strong bond, and in return, the dog will provide you good company. However, it will require a considerable amount of time and effort. So, the best practice is to choose a dog breed that is most suitable for providing emotional support. Let us show you the top 5 breeds in 2021 that have been associated with providing the best emotional support to their owners.


Chihuahuas have been famous for being happy and energetic most of the time. They have proven their worth for their owners by providing them a warm and loving company. However, the benefit of owning a Chihuahuas is not limited to their happy mood as they are also very loyal to their owners. They are very affectionate and always prefer the company of their owners instead of playing on their own. Chihuahuas are small in size, so it is convenient to carry them. Due to their size, they are also easy to groom and kept neat and clean.

Bernese mountain dogs

If you are looking for a dog breed that is adorable with an impactful personality, then Bernese Mountain dogs should be your first choice. The only disadvantage is that they require a large space as they are considerably big. If you have a spacious home, you should consider getting an esa letter for housing and get a Bernese mountain dog. The letter is important as you could be asked to present one by your house owner.

French Bulldogs

Just like Chihuahuas, French bulldogs are also small in size and they love to snuggle. The only difficulty owning French bulldogs is that they have reduced capacity for breathing at high altitudes and you might need to have them checked with the vet before you can take a flight with them. Nonetheless, they are ideal for people with mobility issues. As French bulldogs are not very energetic, you need not take them for long walks or play with them throughout the day. They are a highly loving breed and never refuse your wish to cuddle and spend some quality time.


If you like your emotional support animal to reciprocate your emotions and behave intelligently around you, then you should go for poodles. They are highly receptive to instructions and sensitive people are not allergic to their fur, as compared to some other breeds. Poodles are very expert in using their nose for certain activities when you instruct them. They are very fond of learning new play tricks with their owners. The only thing that might be problematic is that they tend to get bored easily and need new activities for being energetic and playful.

Golden retrievers

If you already heard that golden retrievers are one of the most in-demand breeds for emotional support animals, then you have the right information. There are certainly some solid reasons for their popularity among the owners. The main quality that golden retrievers possess is being calm and peaceful. They are ideally suited for people who want a calm environment and stable energy from their pets. You can say that golden retrievers are introverted dogs. Despite their introverted nature, they are highly affectionate. They love to cuddle and prefer to remain in close vicinity of their owners. For more information, do visit visit

To conclude, as you can see there is a wide range of dog breeds available, you should carefully assess your personal emotional support needs and select the dog type accordingly.

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