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Investments you need to make in your youth if you want to be Successful - Ideas Tower

About Idea One Tower

Thought One Tower is one more mixed use achievement business project by Ideas Real Estate Marketing Pvt Ltd in Sector B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad. Organized close to Gate no. 2 of MPCHS B-17 Islamabad, it offers a remunerating adventure an open door for individuals with an incredible number of business properties available to be purchased in Islamabad and Rudn Enclave and associations the equivalent. It offers a combination of private and specialty units at sensible expenses with a versatile bits plan.

Thought One Tower features present-day designing joined with the latest workplaces and extraordinary private, corporate, and business openings. It is unequivocally expected to meet the necessities of current purchasers.

Thought One Tower goes probably as a first rate retail outlet, entertainment spots, and best-in-a-class private errand in the twin metropolitan networks. It offers different units and floors to fill different necessities like eating, shopping, entertainment, and anything is possible from that point.

This high rise project lives at an ideal area of Islamabad, abutted by the entrancing points of view on B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad and Main GT Road. It is an exhaustive endeavor in Rawalpindi and Islamabad offering possible business properties for lease in Islamabad and Park View City

Thought One Tower isn't as of late worked by worldwide rules yet furthermore stands fit for all reasons like private, business, or corporate. It hopes to transform into the accompanying huge interest of Islamabad.


This engaging achievement includes a fabulous region in the center of B-17 Multi Gardens, the principle society of Islamabad. Thought One lies right near street 11 of Block B, two or three minutes from doorway 2 of the B-17 Multi Gardens society.

Thought One Tower is organized just by the Rehamtulil Alameen Mosque and Levitation Store Pk. Furthermore, B-17 Lake lies adjoining the endeavor that adds to its worth. The region of this endeavor is without a doubt overwhelming a result of its straightforward accessibility and engaging natural components.

Following is the region guide of Ideas One:

Region Map of Ideas One B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad

Hard and fast Land Area Covered

The construction ranges over 8.5 Kanal land and incorporates a 12 story multipurpose design with 3 separate basement floors.

Nearby Places inside B-17 Multi Gardens

The undertaking lives in a good and facilitative region offering current homes for lease in Islamabad and Kingdom Valley. Various necessities like parks, retail courts, and more basic spots are found nearby.

Following spots are tracked down nearby Ideas One:

Jamia Masjid Rehamtulil Alameen

Levitation Store PK

Region A Lake View Park

Dorrance Café

B-17 Lake

Family Park

Multi Gardens Aviary and Zoo

Football Ground

Sir Syed - Case Institute of Technology

Capital Square Shopping Mall

What's more, Ideas Tower and Mellow Mall are two distinct endeavors by Ideas Marketing arranged inside B-17, near Ideas One Tower.


Thought Tower is particularly open from different huge spots of Rawalpindi and Islamabad as follows:

Generally 28.7 Km from New Islamabad International Airport

Only 500m from entrance 2 of B-17 Multi Gardens

Approx Km from Sangjani

Just Km from Wapda Town

Arranged at Km from Faisal Hills and Km from Faisal Margalla City Islamabad

Legitimate Status

Thought One Tower is embraced by the Multi-Professional Co-Operative housing society. B-17 Multi Gardens is at this point upheld by Capital Development Authority, and it is safeguarded to place assets into. Thought One is significantly mentioned, and booking of apartment suites, work environments and shops are presently detailed.

Owners and Developers

This high rise project is moved by Ideas Real Estate Marketing, and improvement commitments are given over to the Banu Hashim Builders and Developers. Both the components behind Ideas Tower are intended to give a cutting edge achievement changed decisions.

Thought Marketing passed various viable on past ventures like Aimal Tower and Mellow Mall arranged in B-17 Islamabad. Banu Hashim Builders and Developers have shown tremendous verifiable expertise in their space. As of now, they intend to introduce this excellent quality endeavor in Multi Gardens Islamabad.

Progression Status

The progression of Ideas One is in the hidden stages, tunneling and bedding is done, and Raft's work started lately. Regardless, reserving of shops, working environments, and lofts is open. In addition, houses available to be purchased in Islamabad are additionally accessible.

Features and Amenities

Thought One is stacked with all of the accommodations for a quiet life and business. State of the art office and progressed features add to making an extravagant lifestyle and creating business air. Additionally, there are a ton of redirection workplaces.

Following are the accommodations introduced by the Ideas One Tower:

A constant store of Water, Gas, and Power

Shake Resistant Building Structure

Incredible Construction

Quick Elevators

Broad Corridors and Living Areas on All Floors

Wellbeing Centers, Gym and Spa

Snooker and Indoor Sports Club

Kids Play Areas

Undisrupted Security and CCTV Surveillance


In-house Mosque for Religious Practice

Redirection, Dining, and shopping decisions

Upscale and arranged corporate working environments

Rich Apartments

Changed Size Shops

Abundant Parking for Residents

Adjoining B-17 Lake

Solid Fire Fighting System

Apparel and Maintenance Services

Serious Food Court and Café

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